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I love TV especially sitcoms. Arrested Development, Community, Parks and Rec, Party Down, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Strangers With Candy, Kids in the Hall, etc. I'm also obsessed with zombies and you're gonna see quite a lot of The Walking Dead here. I'm not really religious, although I have been known on occasion to pray to Saint Amy Poehler.

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THIS is why I love Andrea. This moment right here. Finally she knows Every. Single. Truth. (she didn’t know he was a rapist before last night) about the Governor, and also learns, in the process, that he might kill her at any moment. She breaks down and starts crying and she knows she can’t go back there because she realizes her life is in danger. She’s SCARED.

But she does go back, anyway. Not for herself. She goes back there because she knows she has to do something. She has protect Milton. She has to protect Tyreese, Sasha, Karen. And she also has to protect the people at the prison. She has to protect Judith and Carl and Hershel. She has to stop the Governor. She has no idea how she’s gonna do it. She even tells Hershel she doesn’t know what to do. But she goes because she knows it’s what she needs to do. It might get her killed. It probably WILL get her killed.

But with Andrea it’s not about what she wants. It’s what she NEEDS to do. She’s not trying to save her own ass. On the contrary, she’s willing to die for both groups. And that’s fucking amazing and badass.

So what if Andrea isn’t at the prison in that watch tower sniping walkers left and right and asking Rick if her riot gear makes her look fat? Let’s face it, Team Prison is screwed. Team Woodbury is going to obliterate them so there’s no point in going to the prison. Her storyline is much richer, much more complex, and a million times more humane on the show.

Because let’s face it, in Andrea’s situation most of us would like “screw you all, I’m going to live in that cabin in the woods.” We wouldn’t try. We’d sit back and watch both teams kill each other. We’d sit back and watch The Governor shoot Carol and then we’d cry about it. But we wouldn’t give our lives to try to stop it. We’d be like, “I didn’t shoot Carol directly, so it’s not my fault.” We wouldn’t do anything. I know I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t try to stop the Governor. I’d worry about my own ass. Rick isn’t doing anything. Glenn isn’t doing anything. Milton isn’t doing anything. Merle isn’t doing anything. They keep talking about doing something, but no one is doing anything.

Andrea is. Her first plan failed. Now she’s trying to come up with a second plan. She doesn’t know what it’s gonna be and she’s scared, but there are lives in danger and to her that’s more important.

It’s the courageous things we do when we’re scared that show how strong we really are. It’s one thing to fight when you’re cornered. But to start a revolution and sentence yourself to death to save others… That is breathtaking.

Long live the queen.

In this miraculously captured footage, the wild HBIC squares off against the Redneck Badass. The HBIC’s scrawny little arms are no match for the Redneck Badass’s guns, but the Redneck finds victory in his impression and domination of her. The HBIC feigns disinterest, but is successfully wooed.

They’ll mate just seconds later.


Bushisms by Troy & Britta


Bushisms by Troy & Britta

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A-Z of Tina Fey
↳ L: Liz Lemon.

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Me (Spongebob) vs humanity.

Me (Spongebob) vs humanity.

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Rick and Andrea are the most badass couple EVER. 

Rick: Honey?
Andrea: Yes, sweetie?
Rick: Can you shoot this asshole for me? He’s pissing me off.
Andrea: Sure thing, dear. *BAM*
Rick: Thanks, darling.
Andrea: Any time, baby.

Jesus Christ, their love is fucking flawless.

I went to Google images on my phone, typed “Rick/Andrea”, and these three thumbnails were right next to each other:  

The Dixons and their nicknames.

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